Join the world's longest and most important roar for the climate and nature.

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Skjermdump av Utforsk-siden

August 27
3:00 PM
Eidsvolls plass, Oslo

The most important battle of our time is for the climate and nature, and you and me must fight it. Coming together and creating broad, popular support for the brave choices that elected representatives must make about the climate and nature on behalf of all of us – NOW – is the most important and most difficult piece of the puzzle.

So, join in the Roar and let’s show our elected representatives that we stand together!

Release: August 27

August 27 is the day we’re releasing the Roar, in the form of a fantastic art installation that includes your and everybody else’s roar, ensuring that we are heard.

The art installation will be unveiled in front of Parliament, and eventually will be sent on tour around the country, reminding elected representatives, and all of us, about the most important battle of all time.

We will be posting more information about the time and the program for the day.


Roaring businesses

The 2021 Parliament election will be decisive for whether Norway sets a course for sustainability now.

As a ‘Business that roars’, you will participate in this large-scale communal event to build support for brave choices for the climate and nature. We already have a number of great partners, but we also need you and your company or organization on our team.

Click here to see which organizations are already involved, get more information about what being a ‘Business that roars’ entails, and get in touch with us.

The Climate Roar is the work of dozens of volunteers.

At the same time, we are completely dependent on financial support to build the art installation, conduct marketing, hold the August 27 celebration, and cover various administrative and operating costs.

We are seeking support through public funding, support schemes, and sponsorships from companies and organizations. Any amount is meaningful!

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