The biggest demonstration in the history of Norway. For the most important cause of our time!

August 30 – 100,000 people!

What is the Climate Roar?


It´s urgent to take comprehensive measures if we´re going to avoid a catastrophic climate crisis.

Therefore we want you to show up on Friday the 30th of August, 3:00 pm, to join the biggest demonstration in Norway´s history for the most important cause of our time: our climate.

Children and young adults from all over the world have gathered in the streets supporting CLIMATE ACTION NOW, and we, the adults, will not leave them standing alone. Friday the 30th of August we all gather young and old, regardless of political opinions or socioeconomic belonging, to demand politics that aim to limit global warming to 1,5 degrees.

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There has to be taken quick and comprehensive measures by the energy, finance, transportation, research, education and consumer sectors, to mention some. We do not claim that any solution is better or more important than any other, as we are not experts. The experts in our narrative are politicians and ministries in cooperation with the academic community, and they are the ones who need to decide on necessary measures.

However, the politicians are lacking courage and mandate to take tough, necessary and sometimes unpopular measures on behalf of us all. The Climate Roar will give them this by building and highlighting a larger public opinion regarding tougher climate politics.

The goal is to gather 100.000 people in Oslo, but there will also be demonstrations in cities all across Norway.


The Climate Roar will cooperate with the climate striking youths: they are gathering earlier in the day in front of Stortinget (The Parliament), and will join us when the actual roar is occurring.